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Month: April 2018

Are knockoff golf clubs really that bad?

The topic of knockoff golf clubs and other golf accessories have always intrigued me. They are supposed to be terrible and total waste of money, at least that’s what everyone around me have been saying all the time. I would think that it’s rumors spread by golf club brands, to prevent us from getting the same product at cheaper price, but /no. My actual friends have told me stories after stories about how bad those knockoffs are, and they have nothing to gain from me spending more money on golf clubs, so i have to believe in their honesty.

 I did a little investigation. Reading online forums and asking facebook and other communities especially about this topic. Turns out, at least third of golfers own some kind of knockoff golf products. It’s not always golf club, it can be golf ball or even putting mat. And based on their experiences, turns out, knockoff products aren’t exclusively good or bad, but more of a wild card. Depending on your luck, when you buy a knockoff product, you could be either getting a product that only looks like a golf club, but functions nothing like it, or the exact same replica of golf club for half the price. I guess if you’re feeling lucky, go for it, but always remember that it’s a gamble.

 Another reason why i don’t like the idea of knockoffs are the low price of used golf clubs. Clubs from 1-2 years ago, or even this year’s golf clubs, can be found on eBay for half or even third of the prices. And they’re not bad at all – it’s just that new golf clubs get released every year, and people who can afford to buy them want to recycle their old (months old, actually) golf clubs and get whatever money out of selling them they can. And they are not hard negotiators or anything either. I’ve seen some excellent golf clubs be sold on eBay for unbelievably low prices, just because owners didn’t care to market it properly and basically wanted to get rid of it. You can’t always tell when a golf club is fake, so if you are a beginner, you’ll need help to figure it out. This guide does very good job of giving helpful tips and tricks on choosing irons and other clubs as beginner.

 So that’s what i found out about used golf clubs today. Please share your experience with them in the comments.

Is it okay for a man to use women’s golf clubs?

My friend once had great opportunity to get amazing golf club set for good price, but he hesitated because golf clubs were advertised as women’s. There was a little bit of male insecurity, he couldn’t be seen playing with women’s golf clubs, but for the most part he was worried about how well those golf clubs would hold up in man’s hand. Both of these didn’t turn out to be the problem, so he bought them and still plays with them to this day. But i wanted to write about differences between men’s and women’s golf clubs, just in case that someone else needs this vital information as well. So let’s get started. By the way, finding golf clubs for both men and women is easy. In this case, we’re talking about for women, so here’s the tutorial for that.

 There are two major differences between men’s and ladies’golf clubs – the length and flexibility of the shaft. Women’s golf clubs tend to be shorter because women’s arms are usually short as well, so manufacturers try to keep the length consistent with player’s arm length. That is pretty logical. Although i must mention that there are plenty of golf club brands who make clubs for women as tall as six feet. My favorite golf club set for tall women is probably the Solaire Gems set, made by Callaway, which costs up to thousand dollars and is considered one of the best club sets around. So if you can find Solaire gems or other set of equivalent quality on sale, don’t hesitate to buy it just because they are made for women.

The second factor is flexibility, or stiffness, however you like to call it. Women’s golf clubs are much more flexible because women are expected to have much slower swing speed, so golf clubs are manufactured and designed specifically to make it easier for women to properly hit the ball. This can also be used as an advantage if you’re not physically fit or haven’t been doing manual labor a lot. You can get perfect experience by using these golf clubs as a beginner, and later on, as your golf game improves, you can get club set which is way more expensive and appropriate for your level of knowledge. But in the beginning, women’s golf clubs are perfect to get started, as long as they fit you and you’re feeling good playing with them.

Hiring packers when you’re moving vs doing it yourself

When moving there is a lot to do this hiring a professional packaging service could be the best way to go.  Bear in mind there are tons of alternatives available, from packaging your whole home to packaging selected things just.If price isn’t a problem, then consider hiring professionals to packaging and unpacking.  There are lots of services which offer everything from packing your household up to decorate and setting up your new residence.However, before you employ or even opt to employ, you ought to weigh your energy and time versus the expense involved with hiring professionals to package and unpack your house.To begin with, the business is going to send a surveyor to evaluate the particulars of your relocation.  They will list each product that has to be packaged, such as furniture, cabinet finishes, and kitchen dividers. 

This isn’t merely a method of costing your relocation but can help determine what is of value and might require extra special attention.Valuables, such as paperwork, art, and jewelry will be shared throughout the household questionnaire, discovering how these things should be managed.  Normally, things which may be obtained together with you on going day, rather than becoming loaded from the moving automobile, will probably be packaged individually by the business and put aside for one to carry along with you.Full-service packers can make sure all furniture has been taken aside, correctly wrapped and fastened with cushioning and protective packaging.Frames and Pictures are eliminated from walls and rugs are wrapped and prepared to move.  Boxes are sorted and labeled according to space and positioning.The business will also offer you with a time estimate about how much time it is going to take them to package your merchandise and also the cost involved – typically, they’re able to do it daily.Based upon your time period and how much material you’ve got will also decide the purchase price.

If you are at a hurry to maneuver, more employees will be necessary to receive your house packaged.  Be certain that you arrange for babysitters or even petsitters to make certain that pets and children are kept occupied once the provider is packing.So, in case you seek the services of a complete support?  As stated before, this really is a choice you want to make based in time versus price.  A packaging service may add two or three thousand bucks to a moving funding.  But should you have to take a couple of weeks off work to be able to acquire the house organized and packed, it might be well worth the cost.   Packing requires a great deal of time, and you want to add from the preparation which is included with packaging, also, for example buying packaging supplies, coordinating before you package.  Bear in mind, when you package yourself you will want to first package things which you will not want during the upcoming few months – that takes some time to strategy and the hassle of living with no matters may take it’s toll, also.Most packaging services can package your house in 1 day.  If you are on a budget or you wish to save money on your relocation, lots of packaging providers provide packaging of specialty products, especially fragile items, art, mirrors, or even other breakables or valuables just.The business is going to visit your house to perform an appraisal then supply you with a quotation.Other items which you might wish to think about selecting a professional packer for are antiques antiques, china, vases, precious art, and furniture that is delicate.  It is well worth it to pay an excess charge to make sure the safe arrival of the cherished pieces.

How to get quality golf gear on tight budget

Golf is stereotyped to be expensive sport, and it kind of is, but if you’re crafty enough, you can make it somewhat affordable through some tips and tricks i’ve come to learn. I’ve decided to write this post because too many of my friends and golf buddies have issue of money. Especially those in their twenties, who don’t already have their careers figured out and don’t have lucrative job but still want to play golf. It can be frustrating to play with mediocre clubs, and getting new ones every year is simply not an option due to budget constraints. That’s kind of the situation i was in, and instead of going with mediocre set of clubs, i forced myself to adapt to the situation by learning more. So, to save everyone some trouble, here are some of my tips.

 First and foremost, the best way to save on golf clubs and accessories, is buying them used. I know that used golf clubs have gotten a bad rap, and fake products are common on eBay and other marketplaces. But there are ways to protect yourself from scammers when shopping for used clubs. Remember that if price seems too good to be true, it probably is. That’s how knockoff sellers attract people to their listings – by dramatically reducing prices. There’s also seller rating, description and pictures. Distinguishing fake products and accounts from real ones is easy and you’ll get the hang of it fairly quickly.  Good places to buy good quality used clubs are eBay, craigslist and globalgolf. GlobalGolf is my favorite, as it’s professional website and they’re more trustworthy. On the other hand, listing sites like eBay and craigslist will require a lot of digging through spammy listings to find rare gems. But sometimes, those rare gems are really good deals, so it’s really up to you and what you value the most. One more tip i have, is to look for last year’s golf club models that are being sold now. Manufacturers usually make little changes between models, but some rich people try to keep up with golf fashion so they usually sell “old” clubs. Those are perfect purchases, because in my experience, they’re usually neatly kept and their quality is still formidable.

 Second best way to save on clubs, i think, is to wait for deals on golf clubs. But not all clubs. Sometimes, discounted golf clubs are pretty bad, but it’s also quite common to find excellent seniors’ clubs for discounted price. In order to find out which clubs are worth keeping an eye for, check this GcG tutorial. I’ve never done this myself, because i don’t really trust golf retailers and manufacturers to really offer good deals on these products. All deals and discounts i’ve noticed were on few year old set of clubs, that were about to be replaced by newer model. Or unpopular set of clubs, that manufacturer couldn’t sell at desired price. My observation might be wrong though, and those deals might really be authentic, who knows.

How to properly take care of Gecko


Geckos live 15 to 20 years. If the gecko is a child’s pet, this implies their caregiver can grow up and leave home, so be sure you are happy with this degree of commitment. The Spruce notes geckos can live alone or in groups, but with only one male per tank to prevent fighting. Obviously, just maintain a man with females if you’re ready for the resulting eggs and hatchlings!

Geckos can also be nocturnal so it’s not essential to provide a UVB lamp (because it’s for other reptiles.) However, geckos are cold-blooded and want the provision of a continuous heat source. Geckos are insectivores and eat the likes of crickets, waxworms and mealworms dusted with a calcium supplement.

Geckos enjoy gentle handling and are sedate walkers rather than roadrunners, which makes them less likely to dart away and have lost. Be prepared for your gecko to lose his skin, and this will make him look quite comical occasionally. The trick to successful gecko parenting is taking good care of the details, making the distinction between a sickly gecko and a thriving one.

Inside the tank, the gecko should have three areas: a place for hiding, 1 space for warmth basking and another place for exploring. This permits the gecko to meet a range of natural behaviors so he doesn’t become bored, frustrated or fearful. This is easily achieved using a half coconut shell for a hiding spot, some stones and branches for basking plants and on to explore. Many men and women opt for artificial plants, however should you fancy dwell greenery always double check that the plant is safe if your gecko ingests it.

A chilly gecko can not digest food so keeping the temperature correct, night and day, is critical. A thermometer is essential so that you may examine your gecko’s habitat frequently. At night, the tank needs to be in the 70s Fahrenheit, increasing to 80-85 Fahrenheit during the day. You can achieve the perfect temperature with a black heat lamp (it does not emit light) or a red lamp put on a thermostat. In addition, the gecko requires a hotter basking spot during the daytime, set to 88 – 90 Fahrenheit. The purpose is to produce a temperature gradient across the tank so that the gecko can regulate his body heat by moving out of a cooler to hotter location, or vice versa.

Geckos are nocturnal and need different days and nights to remain healthy. Geckos also register the seasons and prefer a 14-hour daylight period in summer along with a 12-hour daytime period in winter. Also, geckos dislike bright light so the bulbs should be located above the mesh lid of the tank, to avoid the warmth dreading the gecko.

Cleanliness is imperative to maintaining your gecko healthful. Additionally, do a full tank wash after a week. Remove everything in the tank, including the substrate, and replace it with fresh products. Use a reptile-safe disinfectant to clean the mask down, tank furniture and the glass. You don’t wish to disrupt the gecko’s natural sleep routine, so early evening or morning would be the best days to clean.

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