Golf is famous for high costs that are associated with playing it. It doesn’t has to be that expensive though, especially when you’re a beginner and just getting started. Thankfully, golf club manufacturers have identified the need for high-value and reasonable-cost golf clubs and did their best to make them. There are quite a lot of fantastic bargains on the market right now, but for today, i want to focus on those that cost less than five hundred dollars. These sets are mostly intended for beginner and intermediate golfers, but if you are a senior on tight budget, i have some advice to give you as well, so keep reading. 

First of all, when i talk about golf clubs that offer great value, i am always talking about golf club sets. Why is that? Well, because golf club sets are the best deal one can get on brand new golf clubs right now. Manufacturers usually benefit from selling driver, woods, irons and  all the other clubs at once, so they usually offer great discount to encourage people to buy them. That’s why you can usually get great clubs for comparatively tame prices, when you buy them as a set rather than picking them up one by one. One big disadvantage of buying golf club sets as a whole is that they offer less freedom of customizing your club set to fit the needs you have. When you choose clubs yourself, you decide what’s going to be in the bag and what’s not. That leaves more of your own personal style and footprint on your golf clubs than buying all of them together. 

In particular, i like Callaway Strata golf club set. The brand offers few different variations of the set, all of which are great and safe choice if you’re looking for awesome golf clubs for casual golfing. Callaway Strata Ultimate, their most expensive option, costs a bit less than four hundred dollars, but golf clubs packed in that set are absolutely worth every penny and much more. I’m not sure about other sets, as i haven’t played with them, but i think Wilson and Majek club sets are pretty good too. This latter brand sells all-hybrid set of clubs, which is great for seniors because of multitude of reasons.  Bazooka also makes great golf club sets, you can read review here.

Now, let’s get to promised tips for getting the most value out of your money as an expert golfer. Obviously, there aren’t many great set of clubs that will be both cheap and suitable for professional golfers, so we have to seek alternative solutions. One of the best alternative solutions that i could think of when i was in the same position was buying used golf clubs. Of course they are not as good as brand new ones, but when you are limited in budget, you have to sacrifice some things to get the kind of clubs that you want and need. On top of that, golfers who aren’t professionals usually don’t need more than six or eight golf clubs, so with a budget of five hundred dollars, i think you’ll be well-equipped with used golf clubs.