Men and women whose height significantly deviates from the average often struggle with buying golf clubs that are good for them. That applies to both extremes – short as well as tall. In this article, i want to talk about my struggles as a tall golfer and give tips to other golfers based on my experience. The biggest problem that we, as tall golfers experience, is that there just aren’t enough golf clubs that are made for tall men. We are made to turn to fitting and other ways of adjusting existing golf clubs for ourselves. I’m not saying that fitting is bad – it can be a great tool to get your club set perfectly adjusted to your needs, but the big drawback is that it’s expensive. Not everyone has money to go to pro-shops or fitting centres to get their golf clubs adjusted. That’s why i always recommend getting golf clubs that are designed with tall players in mind. They might not be as perfectly adjusted for your body, but at least they aren’t all that expensive.

If you are pro golfer or want to be one, then i think money and time is worth spending to get your golf clubs in great shape by having them fitted. Otherwise, if you are a beginner, i genuinely do not believe that getting your golf clubs fitted is worth the hassle. 

The golf clubs that you should play with also depends on your height, obviously. What i mean to say is, if you aren’t extremely tall, like maybe you are just around six feet. In that case, regular golf club sets might be perfectly fine for you. I would recommend reading customer reviews of said golf club set to find out for sure. If you are significantly taller than average golfer, then getting a golf club set specifically made for tall players is an option worth considering. The problem with that route of action is that there aren’t many club sets which come pre-lengthened for the use of players with high height. I think the most popular golf club sets – such as Callaway Strata Ultimate – are made for tall players as well as those of average height, but i’m not sure. If you want to know precisely which golf clubs are great for tall golfers, then this GolfClubsGuru guide might be worth checking out. 

If you don’t like any of the club sets that are offered for tall players and you don’t have money to get your favorite golf clubs fitted, then there are few options still left. First of all, you can check out eBay and craigslist for listings by tall golfers like yourself, who are selling their clubs. Clubs bought at those places won’t be as perfect match to your needs as specifically fitted golf clubs would’ve been, but they are cheap and in my experience, usually work really well. Another solution is to seek out tall friends or family members that you might have and find out whether they have golf clubs that they don’t need anymore. This is particularly useful for beginner golfers, because they don’t need amazing golf clubs to get started anyway.