Because of growing number of women who are starting to play golf, golf club manufacturers are paying more and more attention to women’s needs when it comes to making golf gear. There is still one segment of women that has been neglected though, and that, in my opinion, is the segment of petite ladies. My sister is 5 feet, which isn’t that short to begin with, but when i tried to help her find good golf clubs for her, my efforts didn’t amount to anything. Serious, high end golf clubs are usually made in small quantities, so i kind of understand that it might not make sense for manufacturers to make just a couple of clubs for petite ladies. There is good news for ladies who are only into golf for casual fun though. There are a lot of affordable club sets made for petite ladies. Clubs that go into these sets are not very high end, but i don’t think that matters when you are a beginner golfer and just want to learn. Even if you are intermediate and have been playing golf club for long, flaws of these clubs aren’t that noticeable unless you are trying to get the best scores and compete on tournaments or something like that. 

Choosing the best out of options that are available to you as a petite lady is not that hard. Basically, you have to apply the same rules that you would apply if you were choosing regular golf clubs. Because we’re talking about short ladies, it is important to pay attention to the weight of the golf clubs. I’m assuming that heavy golf clubs will be very hard to carry for petite ladies, so those kinds of clubs should be avoided at all cost. You won’t have to find out weight of all club sets one by one if you just choose one of the club sets from this list. I can give you personal guarantee that each of the golf clubs on that list is very convenient and fit to be used. 

If you are a beginner golfer, then forgiveness and ease of use are two more features that a good petite woman’s golf clubs must have. Manufacturers do make high end clubs for petite women here and there, but in general, they don’t bother to do so. Petite women have to rely on golf club sets. Some of the ones from the list that i’ve linked to above are fine, so if you stick with them, you won’t have to worry about forgiveness. 

One of the best high end sets for petite women, and definitely my favorite one, is Callaway Solaire Set. Depending on time of the year, it costs around a thousand dollars. One of my friends uses it and i’ve used them myself, so based on my experience, i can attest that it feels great in your hands and delivers great results too. So if you’re confused about which club set to get, Callaway Solaire might be a solid choice for you.