Utility irons are becoming increasingly popular among the ranks of professional golfers, which naturally raises the question: is utility irons’ usefulness limited to experienced players, or can beginners and average golfers benefit from using them as well? For that, we have to first discuss nature of this type of clubs. Some people use the terms hybrids and utility clubs interchangeably, but utility iron is entirely different animal from a hybrid. Unlike hybrids, which usually promote high launch, utility irons’ shots fly lower and they are more accurate in comparison. Despite that, utility irons have their drawbacks as well. For example, they are much harder to hit than normal irons, which is why experienced golf instructors think that beginners should not use them. Now let’s move on to exploring that question further.

How to tell which type of golf club you prefer?

In general, most golf experts agree on one thing – if your golf swing is slower than hundred miles per hour, you’ll most likely be better off by using a hybrid. But there is disagreement over this opinion as well. Some slow swingers find utility irons easier to hit than hybrids. Their club face is much easier to align and hit properly than that of long irons or even hybrid clubs. So it generally comes down to which part of hitting your club you find it difficult. Hybrids, on the other hand, have many advantages over both utility irons and long irons. For once, their center of gravity, positioned in the lower part of the club head, promotes higher launch and straighter shots, which is very useful to most beginner golfers. Fairway woods have certain advantages too, for example, larger club face, which makes it easier to hit balls.  Long irons are not entirely without advantages of their own, either. Sure, they do require a lot of training and high swing speed to be effective on the course, but once you have those prerequisites, they may prove to be more forgiving and give you better distance as well as accuracy than any other types of clubs.

To sum it all up, I think utility irons are great choice for your golf bag, as long as you know what to use them for. Before getting any golf club, you should also research and find out what your weaknesses and strengths are. If you do conclude that utility irons are exactly what you need, you should read more about utility irons on GolfClubsGuru. Choosing golf clubs that put more emphasis on your strong sides and de-emphasize your weaknesses is key to success in golf, I think. It goes without saying that you need golf lessons too, without that, you won’t have ability to use these clubs properly at all.