When we talk getting better at golf, we start thinking about buying expensive putters, irons but you can improve your game without spending much money. This article is about some tips for beginners to improve skills without buying the newest clubs. Manufacturers would like to have you believe that buying new golf clubs is answer to everything. Most of the time, it’s not. As a beginner golfer, it is much smarter move to focus on taking golf lessons and improving your swing technique. Also, it’s important to learn more about fundamental principles of golf. Beginners especially don’t need some fancy clubs to have fun and learn on the golf course. If you’re a senior and just decided to start playing golf, check out some of the best senior golf clubs on that link.

Now let’s talk about individual golf clubs, how they are different from one another.

First of all buy the putter, which best fits you. The putter is one of the most important club in golf and if you feel comfortable with it, that’s a big step to improvement. Ask experts and pros to help you, because sometimes we do not know what we need exactly.

Hold your pose after strike, it very important, but many beginners don’t care about it. This isn’t right, pose is something what determines shot accuracy, speed and so on. Focus on your pose and try to stay there after shot for 1 sec. You will see improvement in ball movement very easily.

Next tip is very interesting and helpful. You need to practice with the worst ball you have, this is one of the famous method pros are using. This trick Is to keep your pre-strike rhythm and improve skill of concentration.

Walking is very useful while playing golf. Walk after each shot, think about it, what was good, what was bad, what can be changed for next shot. Walking is good to calm down after poor shot, observe the area well to improve power and trajectory for the next shot.

As it is in every sport, it’s important for you to be in good conditions, in a good shape. Workout, train every day, you need to have muscles in good conditions to make great shots. Train the right muscles, the most important muscles for golfer are between a knee and a chest. Stretch your hamstrings every day to avoid different injuries while playing golf. Also Being in a good shape is very helpful for balance.

Home practice-one of the best ways to master your skills. There are various aids to have indoor training aids, which are very effective in winter. You can practice from your comfort and complete your game. Practice in courtyard is great option for golf lover, because no one will reproach you for wrong clothes and you can wear anything you want.  Having indoor training aids is great benefit to improve your game.

For the beginners it is better to get clubs with more loft. Loft helps you to get the ball in the air and before personal skills development it’s better to buy clubs with high loft. If you buy one of those golf club sets made for beginners, you won’t have to worry about buying all the clubs one by one. Those clubs are usually intended for beginners, so manufacturers make them to be perfectly customized for them. On top of that, those sets come with a bag, sparing you the expense of buying one yourself.

Before you start learning basics, you need right teacher, because basics is fundament of your game. So be careful while learning basics. Its easier to develop your game when you know basics well. Hire good teacher before start playing golf, then repeat drill at home with indoor training aids.

Try the clubs before you buy, because clubs for beginners and for pros are different. You should ask experts for advice to buy right clubs. If your clubs don’t fit you, it will be hard to improve your game.

right clothes are also necessary for golfer, there are special cloth stores for golf and find them there, but don’t focus on expensive products, just focus on products you feel comfortable in.

Pack your own snack and drinks. The best foods for golfer are lean protein, carbohydrates. Food is very important for player to maintain energy and concentration. To be hydrated while playing Is also very important for your health, because remember – health is number 1 priority.